About Us

 Mike and I were introduced by our dear friend (also guitar player at the time) Tom Millard when we were in our teens, whereupon the three of us entered into our first band together, "Inferno", along with friends Ted Tomaszewski on drums and Darren Winslow on bass. Mike and I have been together ever since and chose to keep performing when we could throughout the ups and downs of going to college, marriage, establishing careers and raising our children.

We have had the
privilege o
f sharing the stage with a variety of talented performers, although, having an acoustic act was always a goal and desire that Mike and I hoped to share together.We feel very fortunate that we have the opportunity to spend this time with one another performing as well as with friends, and meeting new people. We are especially grateful for and proud of our children, Dustin and Taylor, who are both talented musicians. They continue to inspire us each day and we are in awe that they have carried forth our musical legacy. Music is a gift to it's audience, but an even greater gift to the one who performs it. Thank you to each person who is a follower, stays to watch us perform and hires us for special occasions and benefits. Mike and I both understand that there is always room to learn and improve, and we are thankful for each opportunity to entertain. We hope to see you out soon!

Best Regards,

Janet Brown

Special Thanks to all the musicians we have had the opportunity to share the stage with (This list only includes bands Mike and I have been in together, there are many more talented people not mentioned, you guys are awesome! I sincerely hope I haven't missed anyone):

Drummers: Theodore Tomaszewski, M.D. (Inferno), Dr. Thomas Sossong, J.D. (High Anxiety and 30 Pack Joe), Tom Farrell (Sweet Misery), Bill Jordan (Precious Rocks, and Hindsite), James Hitchcock (original drummer for 30 Pack Joe), Ken Miller (30 Pack Joe), R.J. Minichello (30 Pack Joe), Guest Drummer Joe Pleska (Blue London, 30 Pack Joe)

Bassists: Darren Winslow (Inferno), Ed Hughes (High Anxiety), Chuck Litzy (Sweet Misery), Tom Millard (Both Guitar and Bass for  Inferno, Hindsight and 30 Pack Joe), Jason Chase (30 Pack Joe & 30 Pack Lite), Tom Theobald (30 Pack Joe), Guest Bassist Lenny Mecca of Jug Dish for 30 Pack Joe, and Larry Moss of Crimson Tears for 30 Pack Joe

Guitarists: Tom Millard (Inferno)

Vocalists: Al Mancuso (High Anxiety), Brian Conte (Sweet Misery), Bob Escra (Hindsight), Craig Fischer (30 Pack Joe), Jason Lord (30 Pack Joe) and Kelly Lord (30 Pack Joe)
, and Jay Orrell (Fuzz Pipe, The JOB, Dashboard Mary)